£2 million (!!!) for a Kickstarter campaign that we worked on

When we were approached by the founder of Edge of Belgravia knives to help with the Kickstarter campaign video, we knew that the crowdfunding platform will help get the needed money.

How could there be any doubt? These knives are great! The quality is only matched by sets that get sold to the air-baloon rich households, yet the price tag is that of a really nice surprise to your mom for Christmas!

Little did we know… The campaign went on to make just north of 2 million pounds! This is 8000% of the £25,000 goal (an A in GCSE maths finally pays off).

It was a pleasure to be a part of this success and we congratulate Edge of Belgravia with this  landmark campaign!

See the campaign page and the video here.

Additional £300k were made with the help of indiegogo campaign